Ubud is located 45 km northeast of Bali’s International Airport. It is attractive to tourists for a variety of reasons. Ubud is famous for it’s regularly nightly traditional dance performances, which are part of the traditional culture and are arranged for tourists on a regular schedule. Hindu-Balinese ceremonies take place on a nearly daily basis.

Famous for its painter’s community, Ubud is special in more ways than one. It has its own magic, and its particularly beautiful surroundings and gracious way of life have drawn celebrities and artists from all over the world in recent decades; some have even adopted Ubud as their own home.

It is the meditation capital of Bali, many people come here purely to recharge their batteries from the past paced western life, here you just surrender to the energies and let go. This is not a village where you should be up and running the order of the day is to RELAX and live in the NOW.

It is more a place where you’ll want to stroll around or just sit with a book and watch the colorful and delightful pictures pass by. If you can’t resist some action though, there is the Monkey Forest where you’ll be greeted by the many Macaque monkeys, they are quite friendly but please do not touch them or smile as they take this as a sign of aggression and will bite you.

It’s a must to visit Ubud markets which is a maze of shops that sell everything a traveller in Bali can imagine and more.